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Home / Events / Swash Channel
Home / Events / Swash Channel

Swash Channel

26 August

SWASH RACE - Frank Ruskell trophy


Start at any time between 08:30 – 18:45

Start LineBeach Hut to FM

Start Direction: East to West

Course Hengistbury HeadHH(S)

Poole Bar BuoyPB/No1 (S)

South Hook SandsSHS(P)

East Hook SandsEH(S)

Poole HeadPH(S)

EastHook SandsEH(P)

South Hook SandsSHS(P)

Ledge BuoyLB(P)


Finish LineFM(P)

5.Record your start and finish times in hours/minutes/seconds BST.

6. Use the same time source, ideally GPS derived.

7. The start time is on the first crossing of the start line.

8. The time limit is 18:00 hrs BST. Finish times after 1800 hrs BST will become DNF.

9. Times are to be entered on the timesheet by 10:00 on 11 June 2018.

10. By entering a time you certify that you completed the course.

11. Where Mark coordinates are provided, they are advisory and should be checked.

12. Protests must be submitted in accordance with CSC SIs by 10:00 hrs on 11 June 2018

Mark Positions

PB- Poole Bar No 1 50° 39.320'N, 1° 55.160'W

SHS - South Hook Cardinal 50° 39.700'N, 1° 55.200'W

EH- East Hook 50° 40.580'N, 1° 55.230'W

PH- Poole Head 50° 41.470'N, 1° 55.390'W

LB- Ledge Buoy see CSC mark positions

ODM see CSC mark positions

FM see CSC mark positions

Lat/Long Positions are approximate and should be confirmed

Last updated 10:59pm on 11 March 2019

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